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Back To Marseille June 20, 2009

Posted by gordonwatts in Marseille, travel.

Term is done. It was done a week ago. Next week I move back to Marseille for three months. Those of you who have followed this blog for a while know that I spent 2007-2008 there. Well… I’m going back. Ironically, in 2007-2008 I was really hoping that I’d see first collision at CERN when I was there (it is less than 4 hours door-to-door from Marseille to CERN). This time there is no hope (there was a power outage there today – I wonder if that affected the LHC’s state? Nope, not really!). I was lucky enough that IN2P3 had some money available to help fund my three month trip (thanks IN2P3!).

To celebrate my return there I put together a synth of some 1000-odd pictures I took of the train station when I was there last time. There is lots of cool stuff up there (check out this one  of the Hubble repair mission).

Synth’s are a very cool way to arrange a large collection of photo’s of a single subject. At any rate, enjoy it. I’m going a little crazy trying to get everything ready for the trip!

BTW – I wasn’t able to make this 1000 image synth until I got my new computer with huge amounts of memory – during the synth process it always ran out of memory! The irony here is that synth code is 32 bit. I guess Windows 64 bit gives just a bit more memory space to 32 bit programs than the 32 bit version of windows!



1. Robert Cudmore - June 22, 2009

Hi Gordon,

Lucky guy. I am flying out on July 21 (one way, paris to JFK). In the meantime I am in and out of Marseille:

Berlin: June 27 – July 10 (25 euro / night in a sublet!!!)
Edinburgh July 10 – July 13
Marseille July 13 – July 19
Paris July 19 – July 21

Email when you get normal side and this time I might be able to meet up with you.

Congrats on your 3 months on Marseille!!!

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