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University Blogging November 6, 2006

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The UW Simpson Center for the Humanities is sponsoring a blogging research project. Basically: how to build connections between the university and the community around us. Other than the fact that very few of the members of the community around us read blogs, this is a great idea!

I wonder how many people at the UW are blogging? Students and faculty and staff? I bet it is a lot. They should have an aggregate site that all re-posts everyone’s posts. Then someone curious could start from there, find someone’s post they liked, and then look at their specific blog. I should suggest this. 🙂

This UW blogging site was publicized late last week. I’m surprised at how few bloggers have signed up. And the whole class-blogging thing seems a bit counter to the web site’s stated aim (ok, forming connections within the university). But they make good reading none-the-less!

Everyone Should Have a Goal August 10, 2006

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CIMG8266_edited-1Yesterday, my goal was to make it the whole day through without putting my shoes on. I made it.

I’ve discovered something interesting about myself. There are certain things I do only as long as they are easy to do. I’m afraid blogging is one of them. Except for 10 days the rest of this summer is going to be spent way from high speed internet. I’m staying at my mother-in-law’s place up in Ottawa. She has broadband, but it is very slow broad-band. And we spend time out at this fantastic cottage on a lake… with no cell phone service and no internet. For the first time in 3 years I heard those modem sounds coming out of the computer as I dialed up earthlink. Do you guys know how slow that is!? Oofff!

So, I’m afraid posts will be slow for most of the rest of the summer. I’ll keep posting when I have a chance, but my online time tends to be all about helping my students, catching up on my email, and reading notes (and the like). I apologize in advance!

More Bloggers! February 23, 2006

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Two more of my friends are blogging — both physicists. Read’em if you can’t get enough of this blog (ahem!):

  • Simona, a CDF and ATLAS member, is a research scientist at Tufts University. Hey — she has a home page, I had no clue. Ironically, that is where my mother was first a professor of English. 😉
  • Amanda, a physics major undergraduate here at University of Washington. She has a home page too. Clearly not working her hard enough! She has done some independent research with me for a quarter and now sits in an office next door.


Tommaso Unleashed January 25, 2006

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Another Quantum Diarist has started his own blog — Tommaso. And he just took a sex-god test. And is now trying to drive traffic to his website by putting the word “sex” everywhere. Ahhh, experimental physicists. 🙂

Update: Forgot the site link! Duh! http://dorigo.wordpress.com/

Need Help! January 2, 2006

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The Quantum Diaries folks want a list of my favorite three posts. Sheesh. I managed to come up with two:

  1. Lost That Wedding Ring
  2. The Things I Say in Class

But how about a third? Suggestions??

I have been reading some of the last posts by other people in the QD group. They are great. I really suggest reading them — much more reflective than I am!

Blog Moving Day January 2, 2006

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Hi all, and thanks for following the Quantum Diaries link over here from my old blog. My old blog will shut down tomorrow morning (Jan 2). As I said, I plan to keep posting, but unfortunately I can’t use the old blog. Sadly, I figured this out a scant few hours before I had to switch, so this blog is a bit rough right now. I’ll make the background, etc., “cooler” as time goes on. In the mean time, welcome to my new home!

P.S. This service doesn’t seem to have a spell checker! Joy!