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Source Code In ATLAS June 11, 2011

Posted by gordonwatts in ATLAS, computers.

I got asked in a comment what, really, was the size in lines of the source code that ATLAS uses. I have an imperfect answer. About 7 million total. This excludes comments in the code and blank lines in the code.

The break down is a bit under 4 million lines of C++ and almost 1.5 million lines of python – the two major programming languages used by ATLAS. Additionally, in those same C++ source files there are another about million blank lines and almost a million lines of comments. Python contains similar fractions.

There are 7 lines of LISP. Which was probably an accidental check-in. Once the build runs the # of lines of source code balloons almost a factor of 10 – but that is all generated code (and HTML documentation, actually) – so shouldn’t count in the official numbers.

This is imperfect because these are just the files that are built for the reconstruction program. This is the main program that takes the raw detector signals and coverts them into high level objects (electrons, muons, jets, etc.). There is another large body of code – the physics analysis code. That is the code that takes those high level objects and coverts them into actual interesting measurements – like a cross section, or a top quark mass, or a limit on your favorite SUSY model. That is not always in a source code repository, and is almost impossible to get an accounting of – but I would guess that it was about another x10 or so in size, based on experience in previous experiments.

So, umm… wow. That is big. But it isn’t quite as big as I thought! I mentioned in the last post talking about source control that I was worried about the size of the source and checking it out. However, Linux is apparently about 13.5 million lines of code, and uses one of these modern source control systems. So, I guess these things are up to the job…


1. Michael Roberts - August 5, 2011

As you’re a particle physicist, I have a question: What is the news on the Higgs Boson? What is your opinion on recent news?

2. Farah Herbal - August 28, 2011

thanks for your information… 🙂

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