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How was your year? December 31, 2010

Posted by gordonwatts in life.

Watching my Facebook stream I’ve seen a bunch of comments about how bad their 2010 was. That got me to thinking about my 2010. Actually, I’m lucky: it has been pretty good. I got to live for almost 4 months in the South of France (and got a lot of work done there), the ‘mo moved through her 4’s – a very cool age (for those of you who can’t remember that far back!). Work-wise was also great – had my last Tevatron student get his Ph.D., finished being convener of the ATLAS b-tagging group, watched the first set of calibrations for b-tagging get “published”, and effort I helped start over 3 years ago, hired a very cool post-doc. And got to learn a bunch of things.

That isn’t to say lots of bad stuff happened – the poor economy continues to push back; I’ve not had a raise for the last two years and I would guess I won’t have one for the next two either. However, I do have a job, and, even, a job I like a lot. My eyes are going. Our condo’s price still hasn’t recovered.

Bye 2010! Looking forward to 2011. Oh, wait, I only have a few hours to make resolutions! Ack!



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