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Good-bye, Uli November 30, 2010

Posted by gordonwatts in physics life.
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Uli Baur passed away this last week. Uli is well known in my field. Not only did he do good physics, but he was also personable, nice, and a lot of fun (see image above and below for proof of that last bit!). He was great for an experimentalist like me – willing to answer basic theory questions w/out making me feel too stupid – very accessible. For whatever reason one of my more vivid memories is sitting outside the CERN cafeteria some evening. He’d just arrived – I think it was a day late… because his plane had a flat tire. The tire disintegrated during takeoff – or the crew was worried it had – as the landing gear wouldn’t lock when they tried to put it down. His description of everyone running around the cabin, pulling out manuals, etc., was typical of him – enjoying life and what life had handed him. We will miss you Uli. A memorial web page has been setup (and there are lots of remembrances on Facebook as well).

I hope this picture gets used in a talk tomorrow.


As many of you know, I’ve accumulated a very large collection of images from physics conferences. While not all are on my flickr account, many are. You can find ones that have Uli in them from this link (sorry – my tagging isn’t perfect, as one or two other Uli’s appear in that stream). Enjoy remembering him!