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Collisions March 30, 2010

Posted by gordonwatts in CERN, LHC.

Wow. It is almost 5 am. I have a meeting in 3 hours. It is a bit anti-climatic watching it alone in the dark here in Seattle. But still. This is the beginning. The next year will have many more sleepless nights. A job well done by everyone who has worked for so long to see these first collisions – many for 20 years or more!



1. Michael Schmitt - March 30, 2010

It is an exciting morning indeed. Watching from my own home in the middle of the night, I still experienced excitement and happiness over the – eventual – success of the LHC today. It would be great to be at CERN, for sure, but the real excitement comes over the next few months, when we study the data and draw the first physics conclusions. 🙂

2. Gordon Watts - March 30, 2010

Indeed, Michael – and you can see from the mailing lists that planning has already started! 🙂 I feel like I’m at the top of a log flume – one of those amusement rides, and we’ve been coasting along the top and are now about to go over the edge!

3. muge karagoz - March 30, 2010

log flume! brilliant metaphor, Gordon.

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