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EPS And PS Files on Windows November 12, 2009

Posted by gordonwatts in computers.

Windows has had this very nice feature called a “preview pane” ever since Vista. I think just about everyone (certainly on a Mac and on Windows) is familiar with this thing – you click on a text file or a C++ source file or a PowerPoint presentation or something like that, and without having to open up an editor, you can see exactly what is inside the file. Sweet!

But one place on windows this fell down are postscript files (.PS and .EPS files). Viewing the contents of those was a pain. Turns out fixing this isn’t that hard – check it out (this is on a Windows 7 computer):

PSPreview In Explorer

How nice is that?

You can get it here. Make sure to install a recent version of Ghostscript firs!

While it turns out doing this to first order is pretty easy – there is a very simple plug-in architecture that I was able to take advantage of – and for rendering the files I just used Ghostscript – the devil is in the details. There are two features (as software developers say): first the mouse scroll wheel doesn’t work when you have lots of pages to scroll through – you have to use the scroll bar. Second, it is hard or impossible to resize the window when your are viewing the PS file (just click on some other file, resize the window, and then click back). I’ll fix those as soon as I find out how (read: spend more than a few hours on this project).

If you find it misbehaving I’d love to know about it – particularly if you are willing to email me the file that caused the failure!!

The next thing along these lines I’d love to see is one for ROOT. There is one for you Mac users, btw – so if you are using a Mac and have .root files on it, I’d suggest going and getting that!



1. youngsphya - December 5, 2009

I like this! Thanks. yk.

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