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DPF & Lepton-Photon August 20, 2009

Posted by gordonwatts in Conference, DeepTalk, physics.

It is conference season! Whee!

A few weeks ago the main American particle physics conference, DPF occurred. This is a big conference with lots of plenary and parallel sessions:


At the time I was a short distance away from Detroit, in Ann Arbor, being a Dad. It was a bummer not to be able to attend. I made sure the conference was rendered on my DeepTalk site (picture grab from above). I spent a few lunches the other day browsing it – there are some excellent talks – I definitely recommend checking it out!

This week it is the big Lepton-Photon conference here in Europe. They are simul-casting it as well, so I’m doing my best to watch and record bits of it (more on that in another post). I see someone already submitted that to DeepTalk, so it is partly rendered already. Unfortunately, DeepTalk can’t yet tell that the conference is still ongoing, so it doesn’t automatically update itself. I’ll make sure that happens over the weekend.



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