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DeepTalk on your Desktop May 4, 2009

Posted by gordonwatts in DeepTalk.

After getting back from CERN on Friday I spent a few hours on Saturday night fixing a few bugs (you know… relaxing!). The result is a new version of the deeptalk desktop application. This version has numerous fixes since the version that was released to the web and CHEP. Frankly, it is the version that should have been released at CHEP! Among other things, it will do the layout for a very large conference correctly, and also knows what to do with pptx files (office 2007 PowerPoint).

Eventually I want to be able to do password protected web sites this way (i.e. ATLAS talks, for example). At least, that is the reason why I’ve also got a non-web version of this.

The website remains unchanged for now. I want to make a few very minor updates to it and then roll in these big changes above – and reimage all the conferences. There should be a noticeable improvement when I get to that. As always, this is a hobby, know telling how long it will take!



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