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Da Vinci’s Take on the LHC February 9, 2009

Posted by gordonwatts in LHC, physics life.

This is old news, but I stumbled across this for the first time. Check out this drawing:


That is the CMS detector, taken apart. Stunning, huh?

Obviously, Da Vinci didn’t draw that – rather a member of the CMS collaboration, Sergio Cittolin, did. He is the project leader for the trigger and data acquisition systems for CMS. Apparently they are on the cover of the CMS physics Technical Design Reports (TDRs). Sadly, as I have only the electronic version, I never caught this! The drawings are beautiful. I want some large poster size ones to hang up outside my office at UW!

I found this in a Physics World article.



1. Haryo - February 9, 2009

But you are a member of ATLAS, Gordon ! What will your ATLAS’ colleagues say if they see a poster of CMS detector outside your office ?

2. gordonwatts - February 9, 2009

🙂 Yeah, true. I’d have to take it down anytime there was a visitor… Perhaps on the back of my office door?

3. Alex - February 10, 2009

They are beautiful. You can get the full set here:


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