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Making Bread January 15, 2009

Posted by gordonwatts in Food, life.

IMG_9451This was a New Year’s resolution. I would make bread this year. I used to do it all the time – I would make sandwiches for work on my bread, for example. But as I grew older I fell out of the habit. Too much work to do, is what I told myself. For the same reason I stopped cooking for myself and started eating out all the time.

I thought I’d start simple – French bread. This is single rise, so it is easy and doesn’t take that long. Less than two hours start to finish, and it can be ignored for about an hour and a half of that two hours. I also had some help, which made it go faster.

In the end it came out looking very good:



But there was a problem. Just before New Years I slipped and fell on some ice in a hotel parking lot near Fermilab. I fell and a rib or two absorbed the full force of my fall when I hit a curb. It didn’t break – the emergency room called it “Skeletal stress.” Whatever, the upshot is it is still too painful to do something like knead the bread. So I had to use one of those MixMaster 5000 things to do most of the kneading.

Paula pretty much had it: “It is like the French Bread you buy in a French Supermarket.” The bread is still good, but it has a level of uniformity, and it isn’t chewy enough either. Darn. Hopefully I’ll try this again next week and my back will be in good shape.



1. Your sis - January 19, 2009

Sorry to hear about your ribs! (When will they be back to normal?) Glad to see you’re making bread! I miss it, but I’m starting to consider whether I could make some in the toaster oven.


2. Gordon Watts - January 19, 2009

Ha! That might be a little difficult! 😉 I guess you could make little rolls! However, when I was there I felt no desire to make bread: the stuff from the bakery was so darn good!

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