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That Is A Lot Of Work! January 6, 2009

Posted by gordonwatts in ATLAS.

The thing I spent half my sabbatical on is finally public. It started as an ATLAS wide exercise to make sure our computing environment could handle physics analysis. What better way than to actually do a “dry” run of physics analysis. It grew from there. So much work was invested in it (years, by some peoples account) that it seemed crazy not to make the results public. That took a year: I and my colleagues stopped doing real analysis work for this note over a year ago.

Well, today it was put out on arXiv: Expected Performance of the ATLAS Experiment – Detector, Trigger, and Physics. It is 1852 pages long, so I can’t exactly see everyone rushing to print this out for bedtime reading. No fears; I won’t be disappointed. But it is the PDF to download if you want to know what ATLAS thinks it will be able to do. We even do our best to simulate initial data conditions (misalignment, small data sets). It has chapters on all the big physics topics (Higgs, Top, Exotics, Standard Model, B, etc.) and performance expectations too (electron, muon, tau, b-tagging, etc.).



1. Michael Schmitt - January 6, 2009

Congratulations, that is quite an accomplishment! It also took a huge effort and countless person-years to turn out the CMS “Physics TDR.” I have seen a dozen references to this new ATLAS document in shorter physics notes and summaries – now we non-ATLAS people can get our hands on the details.

Now all we need to *real* data… 😉

2. Gordon Watts - January 6, 2009

🙂 The effort was crazy. Especially near the end. And when we started we never thought we were going to be doing this (we have a much older Physics TDR, which this is effecitvely replacing now).

And sorry about the forward references – this took longer to come out than anyone was expecting. But it contains so much information it seemed a bit crazy to not use it as a reference…

I can’t wait for real data. I hope things go smoothly for longer than 9 days this year. 🙂

3. Gordon Stangler - January 6, 2009

I give it two weeks, then the beam mis-fires and gives a helicopter cancer. Then , after years of litigation, everyone settles out of court for a couple of warning cables that say “Beam is dangerous.”

4. gordonwatts - January 7, 2009

I’ll put bets on that Gordon. And I expect your comment to be picked up by the news tomorrow and published everywhere. 🙂

5. Lucian - February 7, 2009

Hey Gordon,

Someone printed it today in the Outback so besides seeing it look like a small skyscraper I noticed that it takes a few good hours to print and needs printer babysitting in order to fill it with paper :)….
Is there a forest budget included for this in ATLAS ?

6. gordonwatts - February 8, 2009

Ha! Wow! I’ve got it stored as a PDF on my computer — the only way!! There was no budget for trees. Actally, I think they printed up a few hundred copies for members of the collaboration – but I can’t imagine carrying that thing around!!

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