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The LHC turnon December 3, 2008

Posted by gordonwatts in LHC.

Last week there was a talk at an ATLAS meeting that got wide coverage in the blogosphere. The talk, by Jorg Wenninger, was full of detail, and Not Even Wrong did an excellent job of summarizing the talk.

One thing that worried a lot of us was picked up by Peter in his posting:

There is also a plan is to add pressure release valves on every dipole cryostat, but this is highly problematic since it will require warming up all the sectors and likely would not allow the LHC to run with beam during 2009.

As we saw in a meeting here at CERN earlier this week, that turns out not to be entirely true. They can actually add pressure relief valves to the LHC magnets while they are cold. They can do more to the warm sections, but they can do enough to the cold sections to make it capable of withstanding a massive quench like the one on September 19th.

This extra information is nice because it means that when CERN talks about starting to run in summer 2009 it doesn’t mean the accelerator will be in danger of a similar disaster. My impression is sometime in early February there will be a final discussion on exactly what the run parameters will be, along with a startup date more precise than July 2009. I also suspect there won’t be any further news before then. BTW, during this talk it was commented that they have already started to replace the damaged magnets. Nice to see them working so fast, though I suppose they have to in order to meet the fairly aggressive schedule of startup next summer!



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[…] Unfortunately, there is no real mention of schedule in this talk. It is nice to see something that is officially public. This matches the talk I saw on Monday, but, of course, it looks like CERN has made it officially public. It would be nice if they would do the same thing to that other talk too. […]

2. willis & gambier - December 7, 2008

any news on the schedule

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