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If you don’t exercise that muscle… October 28, 2008

Posted by gordonwatts in blog.

I apologize for the lack of posting. I’m teaching a course that is a lot of fun – but it is a huge amount of work. The last course I taught took me about one hour of prep time for each hour of teaching – that was great for getting research done, having time to write the blog. This course I’m doing now is about 5-8 hours per hour of teaching. So, some things have had to suffer… like my research time. 🙂

I’ve also found something that is normal, I suppose, in retrospect. Normally I see lots of things during the day that I think will make a good blog posting. Some of them I remember long enough to get into my blogging queue. Others are just left behind – because I have so many it rarely matters if I forget a few. But I’m not thinking up ideas as frequently as before. That is partly because of the time I have. The other part is because that idea muscle seems to have atrophied…

I’ll try to pick up the pace a bit, but with that muscle out of shape it may be a bit lame for a while!


1. Lisa Smith - October 29, 2008

I know what you mean about trying to keep up with blogs… I am constantly thinking of things I’d like to blog about on my Myspace profile (the non-music one), and I used to write blogs there fairly frequently, but most topics are so loaded, and I don’t like to put stuff “out there” unless I can do it justice from every angle…. and I end up being so swamped by other things that the blog ideas eventually subside before I can get the darn things written. It got to the point where I stripped my entire profile and didn’t log in for two months or something…. I always enjoy your postings though… it’s so much easier to comment than it is to be the creator of a blog. 🙂

2. gordonwatts - October 29, 2008

Thanks, Lisa! If I were writting a real physics blog this would take a lot more time — I’d have to do what you do — from every angle. That would be quite difficult – especially now with this work load.

I had no idea you blogged as well. If you start up again leave a pointer; love to read them.

3. Lisa Smith - November 1, 2008

Well in lieu of my poorly kept blog, here is my music:
This summer I started working under a pseudonym, although part of me still feels unsure about such a decision. My latest CD just came back from pressing this week in fact, so updates to this page are imminent.

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