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This is getting to me… October 13, 2008

Posted by gordonwatts in politics.

IMG_7807Palin is everywhere! I was at a small birthday party last week and I saw this on one of the tables. A Korean magazine. Everytime I see her it makes me recal how my thinking of her and the McCain ticket have evolved:

  • Pre-Palin – seems like he would be ok, don’t know that I would vote for him because some of his positions are not mine, but he would be better than bush.
  • Palin-Pick – Who is this? From Alaska? Has he pulled a fast one and changed the whole race?
  • Near-post-Palin – Ok, this has got to be a joke. She doesn’t sound like she has the experience at all! McCain seems to have not only been a maverick here, but also irresponsible. I think the election is over!
  • Convention – Holy cow, really? She gives McCain a bump? How does that work! Do people really like the idea of her being president or is it something else!? And McCain/Palin are now drawing even with Obama/Biden!?? Boy, was I ever wrong.
  • Post-Convention – The more I hear about her the lower my opinion of her as a VP candidate sinks. It seems totally irresponsible and a rather cynical pick by McCain. As a result, my opinion of McCain has sunk even further.

The other thing that really gets me is the republican’s don’t seem to be willing to do the hard work. Running the USA is no small job! The person that is going to do that has to do lots and lots of homework – pretty much training for it for years. And they still won’t be ready (there is always on-the-job training for this in my opinion)!! The republicans seem to be taking the attitude that if they yell loud enough that we will all be cowed into thinking she will be ready. A play from an old playbook, I suppose. I am hopeful that it isn’t working. Even Brooks has called her a cancer on the republican party!

When it comes to trade I tend to lean more towards traditional republican positions (i.e. I do think free trade is a good thing). For business I’m probably between the two parties somewhere. I’m certainly more democrat than republican when it comes to how government should interact with society, and I’m definitely democrat when it comes to social values (vs the modern republican party).

I am hopeful (fingers crossed!) that the republicans will get the butts nailed in this election and realize they have to go back to the drawing board and put together serious candidates at the national level. It would be horrible to me if the current horrid behavior was rewarded.



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