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Veep Debate October 3, 2008

Posted by gordonwatts in politics.

Tonight was the Vice President debate (apparently, there was also a debate in Canada for the PM). I was impressed, actually. Both of them managed to avoid their failings. Biden kept his cool and Palin was confident. I like Biden’s style much better – the guy knew stuff! Palin kept going back to her talking points and converting any question she got into some version of the talking points. But she was smooth. On the other hand, can you imagine any president of the United States making some of those folksy comments? And insinuating that the press was out to get her. But overall, I thought it was pretty good.

How did they do from the point of view science. I can’t tell that it directly came up. I missed the first 45 minutes of the debate, however. But Biden won on the logic part of the debate – or, I should say, his use of logic. Other than that anyone else have any comments? Especially relating to science?

I figure education will come up in the final debates, and there will be some connection to science there. Perhaps they will ask the “teach the controversy” question? And if we are lucky, maybe one or two of them will comment how it is necessary to invest in research. Of course, the domestic debate could be totally overwhelmed by the financial crisis!



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