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My Problem With Palin October 3, 2008

Posted by gordonwatts in politics.

This quote from a New York Time’s editorial neatly sums it up:

One can argue (and her supporters will) that Ms. Palin is a newcomer and can’t be expected to know all of the wonkish details, that what matters is the image she projects. Except, anyone who is running for vice president in these very dangerous times needs to have detailed knowledge.

Except that I would remove the caveat they put in there "in these very dangerous times". While I doubt I would agree with her politics I suspect should would an acceptable VP candidate after being in the senate for a while – or holding some other national level office. She just doesn’t have the dept. McCain and Obama clearly have a good grasp of the issues facing this country. While I might judge McCain unacceptable because I don’t like his policies, I am sure he has the depth to run the country. Though, it feels like McCain is playing some sort of big joke on the country with this choice.



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