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LHC To Be Opened This Weekend October 3, 2008

Posted by gordonwatts in LHC.

Well, I may not be getting my gossip from blogs right now, but my email still renders it. I’m given to understand that Lyn Evans, head of LHC operations, said that they will finally have access to the tunnel this weekend at the LHC conference in Split – so they can figure out exactly what went wrong. He gave a talk there, but this information came during the Q&A session. Further, from their preliminary examination they have enough magnet spares to replace everything that looks like it might have been damaged. That is very good news. Next week is ATLAS week and Evans is scheduled to give another talk there – perhaps he will have more details by then. Sadly, that meeting isn’t public so even if he does post slides I can’t point everyone to them!



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[…] be able to enter the tunnel to directly inspect the damage and determine what went wrong. Word is the project director will address an ATLAS meeting next week, so possibly some news then. A full report is expected before October 21st. The good news […]

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