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The Debate September 27, 2008

Posted by gordonwatts in politics.

I managed to catch the debate on the radio. Science got mentioned once – when Obama was talking about improving infrastructure and education. I guess that was a win.

I’ve not looked at the pundit sites yet, but here is what I thought. Ick. I really didn’t like McCain. He reminded me of one of those high school bullies. The things he wanted to do were simplistic – his “Freeze all spending!” is the poster child for this approach. Obama had a much more nuanced position. Both of them, but McCain in particular, seemed to try to distort each others voting record. McCain’s “you voted against our troops” attack was typical – give me a break. It was a random fictional president who said it best: “You can’t run such a great country on four words”. And half the time McCain would ignore the moderator’s request and just say whatever his favorite attack was. I spend my life trying to understand complex subjects – as do many people – and it is very very rare these days there is a “yes” or “no” answer to any of the questions I’m studying. It is the same with running our country. It felt like Obama fully recognized that difference, and McCain was all about yes/no.

McCain clearly won the sound-bite contest, however. I wasn’t very interested in voting for him before this debate, but I’m interested even less so now. Disappointed.



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