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Who Is Eating Our Boxes? August 27, 2008

Posted by gordonwatts in Marseille.

IMG_0167First the good news: unlike last time, all 12 boxes that we shipped back to the USA have arrived. We gave 5 or 6 more to go, so I hope this sort of luck holds.

The bad news: it is questionable to say they arrived intact. Check out the shape of these guys. It looks like an animal was munching on them in transit.

Seriously. Are these boxes just tossed in a pile into a container, and that container contains spikes and poles sticking out at random angles. The Container Of (Box) Death. From the damage it looks like they were used in some sort of Olympics event. Perhaps the little heard of “Drop Kick The Box” contest? Only very pointy shoes may be worn. Extra points for tearing a corner of a box completely off!!

I don’t understand why the postal service can’t figure out how to ship boxes overseas. At least, with them being intact. All those red boxes you see there — those were boxes sold by the post-office that were meant for over-seas shipping. So there is no excuse “you are using the wrong box!.” I’d love to put a GPS and an accelerometer in a box or two and see where the damage occurs. I suppose the GPS probably wouldn’t ever work as the box is always inside… but is this damage sustained through out the trip? Or just in a particular port? Or what!?

Shipping 5 boxes when we moved out was no better. Only 3 of the 5 arrived. The other two “disappeared” (both of them disappeared in France). We had insured them from the USA side, but they demanded original receipts and the deadline they gave me was impossible because I wouldn’t be back in the USA soon enough to make it. No wonder insurance is cheap for shipping! This time we didn’t even insure. We will take some valuable stuff by carry on and UPS, and the stuff we can afford to loose by the postal service.



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