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ICHEP Should Be Good! July 31, 2008

Posted by gordonwatts in Conference, D0.

ICHEP is really getting under way this Sunday — it should be a good conference – with a bunch of interesting results. Some I know about, some I’ve heard rumors about — I’m eager to see what is actually going to make it out there. The only bummer for me is they aren’t using CERN’s agenda system so I can’t just DeepZoom the thing!

Oh — an D0 just passed another milestone in data it has collected — over 4 fb-1 now! The results shown at ICHEP are on the 3 fb-1, however.



1. Lucian - July 31, 2008

Did you find the talks anywhere on the web ? I’ve tried to look for them several times but I did not bumped into anything!

2. Gordon Watts - July 31, 2008

They haven’t been given yet — but they will start on Sunday — so look at that web page I linked to there (the ICHEP link) and then under Plenary agneda. That should get you started. I expect that they will start posting them as they are given, or later the same day. There are lots of new results both big and small news, and so they will probably not release talks earlier.

If you mean have people started to post there talks early on the web – i don’t know, I’ve not looked. The search engines are a good place to start for that. However, we all tend to procrastinate — so I would think many of those talks are being worked on right now. Or perhaps I’m projecting here… (i’m not going, I’m just saying how I work when I go to a conference like this).

3. Lucian - July 31, 2008

No Gordon, I meant being posted on the official web page. Last year in Moskow they were uploaded at the end of the day for that day. I was thinking that they would be doing the same thing this year. I thought that I am really bad in going through their pages and I was missing the talks page…. But that is not the case.

4. Gordon Watts - July 31, 2008

Ah, ok! Yes, in that case check back everyday starting the 3rd of August!

5. Mike Procario - August 1, 2008

Parallel session talks are up.


Wednesday’s talks are up and some of Thursday’s.

6. gordonwatts - August 1, 2008

Yes — those are the parallel sessions that have just passed, right? So that is why they are up (I think).

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