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Head Tracking And 3D Displays… The New Event Display? June 25, 2008

Posted by gordonwatts in computers.

My brother-in-law sent me this YouTube video by Johnny Lee showing off a poor-mans head tracking using Wii controllers and game. It is stunning. Watch it. He goes through a fairly careful description of how it works (and his web pages have descriptions of how it works).

So, when can we hook this up to the ATLAS event display?



1. MIke M - June 28, 2008

Stunning is right! Any ideas how best to apply that in science?

2. gordonwatts - June 28, 2008

So, here is the best I’ve come up with for particle physics so far. One of the big problems is we often get lost looking at plots. Every now and then — especially when dealing with a pattern reconstruction algorithm — it is necessary to go back to the event view. However, that is just a 3D projection onto our 2D screen. If one could move their head from side-to-side just a bit to see what hits are behind the other hits – that would be a huge help.

One could use it for an outreach display.

But all those are evolutionary uses. I’ve not come up with a revolutionary use yet… But our computers are certianly powerful enough to do this without too much trouble! So, there is an idea out there waiting to happen…

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