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Socialize Our BBS June 4, 2008

Posted by gordonwatts in computers.

More along the lines of the social software we use. In ATLAS we use hypernews to post questions and discussions. Some forums are mostly question and answer sessions. In many cases the questions are requests for help: “Hey, the devval nightly rel_5 is crashing here. What do I do?”. After submitting it you wait for a human to respond.

What if you had an automated search engine which would match your questions to various other things (other postings, bug reports, wiki pages, etc.). It would then send you a list of these links. You’d look at the links and if one was what you were looking for you’d mark it as an “Answer”. The system would then post a follow up message to hypernews and record that that page was a “good page.”

What made me think of this is there are lots of repeat questions out there. Surely someone has done this. Is anyone aware of anything like this?


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