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I AM the Margin Lady April 17, 2008

Posted by gordonwatts in physics life.

I have complained about the Margin Lady before:

The Margin Lady occupies a special place in the physics-thesis-writing ethos. … You knew the Margin Lady was on the horizon so you used a document template that was sure to satisfy her: figures just so, page number is the right spot, margins just perfect. It just doesn’t matter. No matter how perfect you will have to make corrections.

I am currently helping to edit some 200 pages of some 2000 or so pages that ATLAS will release at some point in the near (I hope) future. One of the things I’m responsible? Make sure the figures are done right. Make sure everyone uses the same units. Make sure everyone is printing on A4 paper. Make sure the margins are right!

I am the margin lady! Shoot me now!



1. girldetective - April 17, 2008

My grad program had a margin lady, too. She especially loved students turning in poetry theses because it was often crucial that the poem violate the margins (or so the poets claimed).

2. Kevin - April 18, 2008

so its you that i should shoot Gordon? My favorite part of this is that I get complaints that we are not following the ‘rules’ on some of the tables. I then went to check on the rules only to find that the rules were invented over a month after our ‘final’ draft was due… Sadly – nobody will ever read most of these 2000 pages.

3. gordonwatts - April 18, 2008

We shoudl write the physics notes in iambic pentameter!! 🙂

Kevin — I know. It is a bummer. Actually, I think the people who will most read those notes will be us — members of ATLAS. They will serve as an internal reference for some time to come (at least the “performance” notes as opposed to the physics notes). Theorists I know have already talked about looking forward to seeing these. And then there are people that will look at them to compare them with the recent CMS physics TDR. In fact, I think part of the reason the CSC notes were pushed to this level was because it was thought (right or wrong) that a response to the CMS physics TDR was required.

The original goal of this was just to test the computing infrastructure!

4. carlbrannen - April 20, 2008

I suggest the non gender specific “margin police” for this. General use; “when getting an airplane ready for take-off, the seatbelt police inspect the passengers’ laps.”

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