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The Jaws of the French Medical System April 7, 2008

Posted by gordonwatts in life, Marseille.

Wow. The way the French medical system operates is totally the opposite of what I’m used to! Paula’s Mom was in the hospital for over two weeks. In the USA I’ve always got the impression that a hospital tries to shoo you out the door as fast as it can. Sometimes it seems like they do it before you are comfortable. The French system is the opposite. In the end it seemed like they were holding her there just so they could give her several shots a day (which are now being delivered by a nurse who comes to the house twice a day for 6 euros each visit).

While the USA seems to error on the side of sending people home a little to early, the French system seems to error – way error — on the other side. Crazy. And thank goodness the insurance back in Canada is willing to pay for it all!



1. Estelle Heron - April 10, 2008

The French docs assured me that the hospital was not a prison, that I was being kept there (“held”) because it was very very important that I be monitored in case something really wonky occurred (not the French words they used). They only let me out when there was a degree of stability. So, now that I’m free, I have nothing but good to say about my treatment . Can’t say the same about the food though. What is it about hospital food? I did have a much better time at your house — thanks for that son-in-law – in French, it would be beau fils — beautiful son 😉
Your mother-in-law — in French it would be beautiful mother ;-).

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