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Crap. I am Going to have to Watch the Show! March 29, 2008

Posted by gordonwatts in science, TV.

I was trying to ignore the TV show Big Bang Theory. Mainly because it seemed like a bunch of stereotypes, and perhaps ones I don’t think are right. However, after reading this column by Ouellette in Symmetry magazine, I discover that an old friend of mine, David Saltzberg, is doing the shows science consulting.

People’s opinions of the show weren’t very positive the first time I mentioned it on my blog. Have they changed? I’ll post back when I’ve gotten around to watching it. From Ouellette’s column, it sounds like one has to watch more than just the first one or two episodes (i.e. while I might object to the science stereotypes, women might have complained about the female stereo types and that has been better developed over time).



1. B14B14 - March 29, 2008

The Big Bang Theory is my favorite new show. Give it at leastt 3 or 4 episodes, because it really grows on you. Great show, I love it.

2. perry Rice - April 3, 2008

my wife, son, and I love it. They hate it when I pause it to see whats on the blackboard, bookshelf, or what have you. Its pretty good for network TV.

3. gordonwatts - April 3, 2008

Thanks, the two of you. It is now on my list; I’ll get to it at some point soon!

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