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Building ROOT on Windows March 2, 2008

Posted by gordonwatts in computers, ROOT.

Not so much interest to most people here…

So, on Windows, there has been the occasion that I’ve needed to build ROOT. In particular, on windows, this is because the released version of ROOT is not built against python. I also find myself doing lots of building building when buts are found in root (yeah, I know, ROOT doesn’t have bugs).

The standard way to do the build is download and install cygwin. It is a rather heavy install, however, as any of you who have installed it know. Axel, a member of the ROOT team, put together a minimal set of tools that will build ROOT using the MSVC compilers. I built a small UI on top of that along with an installer to make it easier to get onto your machine.

I found this pretty useful for getting my work done, so I thought I’d release it. Actually, it has been finished for months, I just never seemed to get around to finishing off the last bit. So, here it is. The UI is horrible, but it works…



1. Rene Brun - March 29, 2008


The release version of ROOT has always been built against Python on Windows


2. gordonwatts - March 29, 2008

Good point — but python 2.4, not 2.5. -Gordon.

3. leo - February 16, 2011

any expert on ROOT data analysis tool?
I would really appreciate if i could get hold of some expert. I need to discrad some data in my ascii file and display the useful data.What code I should write in myfile.C to run at root prompt?

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