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Not Dead Like Her February 10, 2008

Posted by gordonwatts in TV.

I recently managed to watch a few episodes of an old (and already dead) series called Dead Like Me. I like TV shows that tell a good story and also flirt a bit with the unreal. This is one. The story telling is just excellent. It is about a girl that is killed by a toilet seat from the falling Mir space station, and becomes (against her will) a Grim Reaper — assigned to collect the souls of people just before the die. Other than that (and that she appears as a different person to the still-living), the rules for living are the same as for everyone else. So not only does she have to hold down a crappy job in a temp agency so she has enough money to live, but she also has to run around collecting souls. Nice, huh? Ok, maybe not your cup of tea, but the story telling is excellent. It was on Showtime in 2003 and 2004 (it contains a good deal of profanity – perhaps not as much as the Sopranos). I have no idea why it canceled — perhaps no audience.

The creator went on to start another series, Pushing Daisies. I’ve also seen a few episodes of that – not nearly as good. The way they tell the story is cool — but it is also quite remote and I never find myself really caring about the characters. And more than a little spooky the narrator is Jim Dale, who read all the Harry Potter books (that was how I did the whole HP series).

Despite all the indicators, I don’t really like Lost. I know lots of physicists that are crazy about the show. And while I don’t dislike it, I never really got into it. Perhaps a generational thing?

And yes, all these things violate science. In big ways.

Does anyone else find TV Series more fascinating that Movies? I really like the character development one can do over several years rather than over 2 hours. Then there is James Bond… Wait. I didn’t say that!!



1. Index Guy - February 7, 2008

I really liked the first few seasons of ALIAS, but it got a bit crazy after a while. Lost is kind of complicated. I personally do not like much having all the cliffhangers, it just forces me to spend to much time watching TV and not doing any work.

2. gordonwatts - February 7, 2008

Yeah — I pretty much agree with you about Alias. I think “got a bit crazy” is a bit of an understatement. 🙂

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