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Mistake: 3 million in 3 days February 7, 2008

Posted by gordonwatts in politics.

I am so in the wrong business.

Clinton tried to raise 3 million in 3 days. She missed. She raised 4 million in 24 hours! Where is that cash going to go? Straight into the pockets of TV stations. The Obama and Clinton campaign must be spending at a furious rate right now, buying up blocks of time in markets that are not used to mattering at this point in the race (can you say “unexpected windfall”??).

What we could do with that kind of money… 🙂

P.S. I wrote a few posts ahead of time, but they seem to have all come out today. Sorry about that!



1. Kevin - February 8, 2008

Well, she does have to pay back that little $5M loan…Obama has raised $7.2M since Tuesday.

What we could do with the $168B, now that’s serious coin. How about some stimulus for science.

2. gordonwatts - February 9, 2008

They are both raising money at a crazy rate! I was listening to some political talk shows that were recorded just after Super Tuesday — about 6.6 million people voted for him, and about 6.6 million people voted for her (something like 1-2% difference). And 3.x million people voted for McCain — and he was way ahead of the other republicans. I think it won’t matter who we elect – they are going to flatten McCain.

And I had no idea that McCain had been so consistently pro-life until a few days ago. What a pity, that just about removes him from my list. I was thinking that I might be happy with either of the two running the country (McCain v Clinton or Obama).

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