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Vote! Vote! Vote! February 4, 2008

Posted by gordonwatts in politics.

This Tuesday is Super Tuesday. Whomever you are voting for — vote!! It doesn’t matter if they look like a shoe-in in your state — get the numbers up as high as possible. Whomever wins in your state should win because a large fraction of the state is backing them!

When Bush was elected in 2000 I remember thinking “oh well… it isn’t as if one guy can really change the direction of the USA. The USA is like a super-tanker; takes years to turn it!” I did vote, but I didn’t really care that much about the out-come. I was totally wrong! With a some tragic help, he has managed to really change things. Agree or not – we need to get as many people out there voting.

And, speaking to the scientists out there, please vote your agenda. I’ve always looked as candidates from the social and economic angle – Roe v Wade support, free trade support, etc. But the recent science funding debacle tells me that we have to start yelling “science” a little bit louder this year. As I posted a bit earlier, the link to the AIP site. Read it (for example, Clinton and McCain are the only ones to talk about the roll a science advisor would play in their administration so far). If you vote other people’s agenda, then their agenda will get taken care of, not yours. Do what you can to make others around you understand that science is important and should factor into their voting decisions!

But most of all — vote!!!


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