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More Politics February 4, 2008

Posted by gordonwatts in politics.

A while back I wrote that I had supported Bill Foster’s candidacy for congress. The thank-you note finally got here (took a long time as I’m living in France and it went to Seattle!). The letter indicated that he had actually read this blog. That is one of the fun things about donating to a local campaign as opposed to a big national one — the candidates might actually have some time to interact.

I was listening to a pod-cast of the political conversation from last Friday on the Leher News Hour. A conservative columnist (from the New York times, of course) and a liberal columnest have a friendly conversation. I think it was Brooks who said “You vote for Clinton if you want information, you vote for Obama if you want inspiration.” That is one of the best descriptions I’ve seen of the differences in style – if you look at the answers to the AIP candidate questions of the two you’ll see it: Clinton has laundry lists of programs and funding – she has clearly given running this country a lot of thought already. Obama is sparse on detail and all about vision. My preference tends towards the “detail” right now — I’m a little scared by the current fellow in office not being detail oriented enough. But I think either one will make a great candidate – and I think either will flatten any republican that looks likely to win if they continue their sorry performance (i.e. McCain in the last debate – I kind-a like him, but that was pretty nasty).



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