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Trains are so much better December 27, 2007

Posted by gordonwatts in travel.

I flew to Chicago today, from Ottawa, and was reminded why taking a train to get from Marseille to CERN is a so much more pleasant experience. First was the 30 minute drive to the airport. Then I stood in line for almost 40 minutes – because the ticket agent for United Express had gone on break. And there was only one ticket agent. I think there were over 50 people queued up by the time she got back (United Express — what were you thinking!?). Indeed, the backup was big enough that our flight was delayed departing. Then there was security – shoes off, portable out, cell phones out. I didn’t get selected for an extra search, including a pat down, but the person behind me did (and it was her first time flying – how do you get to 22 and not fly!?). And then waiting for another 35 minutes to board.

But I’m back in the good old USA. I shouldn’t complain: there is no way to deal with travel any other way but planes and cars. But I can dream…

And I have home made fudge with me… I was going to share it with people on the owl at the Tevatron, but it looks like my shift might be canceled!



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