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The Bunny Takes Italy December 17, 2007

Posted by gordonwatts in computers, life.

This is getting a little crazy. About two years ago I got a small wifi bunny – the Nazbatag (warning: sound at that link). Nazbatag means “rabbit” in Armenian, which is the native language of the guy behind the thing. It has ears, lights across its belly, and talks with the Internet. It even runs a small virtual machine to process instructions (which you can modify).

This thing has been around for years. Their most recent update even smells things. But I always thought it was a nerd thing.

Not so clear.

First, earlier this year, there was a big display in one of the high-end department stores here in MarseilleGaleries Lafayette. Then on the plane flight back from Italy, Paula read an Italian magazine that claimed the rabbit was the hot gift this Christmas for the tech-savy guy (note: not the nerd guy).

Hey! I’m a head of the fashion curve!! That is, well, the first time that has ever happened!

Sadly, that is only luck…



1. carlbrannen - December 17, 2007

My buddy and I are engineers and of course buy the toys that engineers buy, if we have the money (still haven’t funded the ethanol plant). This season, the coolest thing is Flytech’s radio controlled dragon fly. They’re available everywhere but are $50.

2. Kea - December 18, 2007

Thank god I gave up on Xmas presents. I’m supposed to like tea towels and kitchen gadgets.

3. gordonwatts - December 20, 2007

Ha! That’s the spirit, Kea! I’d not see the dragon fly thing. Perhaps wait until after the holiday’s? Perhaps they will come down?

How is the plant going? I was under the impression that that market was slowing down a bit. 😦

4. gordonwatts - December 20, 2007

Oh — and it says the fly isn’t availible any longer…

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