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How Good Is Your Cooking? December 15, 2007

Posted by gordonwatts in life.

Apparently mine is not very good. Julia was given pasta a vegetables (all sorts, including apple bits) tonight. Home cooked, even! She very carefully picked the pasta out and ate only that. However, that wasn’t enough, so she grabbed my paper napkin (when I wasn’t looking) and proceeded to eat that as well. She’d rather eat that than her veggies!

Guess my cooking isn’t all that good! Looking forward to Paula getting back tomorrow!



1. Aaron F. - December 15, 2007

Ouch! But come to think of it, my family’s dog loves to eat paper napkins too. Maybe they know something we don’t… 🙂

2. gordonwatts - December 15, 2007

Either that or your are saying something about my daughter that I don’t like! 😉

3. rome - December 17, 2007

Hi there, I think what you might have done wrong is putting too many flavours in your dish….especially sweet (apple) and salty is a flavour not easy to appreciate.
How old is she? I think kids like to taste one ingredient at a time. I can give you some simple recipes if you like. Just let me know.


4. gordonwatts - December 17, 2007

Thanks Rome! She has eaten some pretty complex stuff before — I think it is just my cooking. She is almost 2 years old!

5. mel - December 18, 2007

I think she just want to be a giant
like someone els I know.

6. gordonwatts - December 20, 2007

Ha! Thanks for the encouragement, Melinda!

7. pkate - January 7, 2008

As far as I can tell, being around my brother Thomas’ kids… they want to eat white things… so pasta and a napkin make sense. My 10 year old nephew says that he ‘loves’ pizza, but scrapes everything off…leaving pretty much..WHITE.. with scant tomato sauce stuck on it.

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