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Rabbits are bad for Wireless Security November 2, 2007

Posted by gordonwatts in computers, life.

A long time ago I got a wireless nabaztag rabbit. This is a wireless device, connects to a central server or to your own server. I brought it with me to Marseille. Now that I have internet, I’m slowly getting my “house” wired up. However, I only discovered today that the Rabbit can’t do anything but the very weak WEP wireless security! So, do I down grade the security of my whole apartment or not use the rabbit??

Actually, the Orange wifi I’ve got has a kind-a cool feature: even if you have the password, new devices can only connect to the wifi when you push a button on the wifi router. After that they can connect anytime they like.

So, I’ll probably downgrade. Darn rabbits! Cause all sorts of trouble!



1. Franck - November 5, 2007

Buy the next version, Nabaztag/tag, they do support WPA encryption…

2. J - November 5, 2007

do you really need Pentagon-level wireless security??? Why?? Is the CIA trying to steal your kinematic fitter? 😉

3. gordonwatts - November 5, 2007

Franck — really? Do you know if there is a firmware update for the first rabbit that will use WEP? Well, I guess I should hook it up.

J — ha! Right — good point. BTW, have you ever seen a WEP access point cracked? I saw it done once — took only a few minutes before the fellow was using it to access the web. I haven’t gone looking, but I suspect the tools are freely availible. Just one less thing I’d like to deal with. I already copy down enough data from work (gigs of data files) that I don’t want to spend too much time wondering if the reason my link is slow is because someone else is doing something. And, yes, I realize that on the grand scheme of things it is probably the outside network is slow, but… you know. One of those things! Besides, there are a few things on my network that are wide open, and contain confidential items; so if they were able to break in…

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