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Red And Blue And Blogging… October 27, 2007

Posted by gordonwatts in politics.

One work avoidance technique I use is reading blogs. I’m probably the only one that does this. But when I have exhausted my usual blogs I sometimes wonder onto the American political blogs. Talking about some of the stuff I see there with Paula over dinner, I came to a revelation.

The right and left wing blogs are in cahoots with each other!

The vocabulary of the left and right is now so different that each can just quote the other and say “look what they said! I just hang and shake my head…” Seriously. Half the material seems to come from quoting the “enemy” blog. Talk about an echo chamber!

I guess it is a statement on the sad state of political blogging in the USA. Or the sad state of the left and right wing groups in the USA.

How long to the next election?



1. BtheEnemy - November 15, 2007

much too long, Gordon. Much too long indeed. Actually, I think a few of them would be better off quoting The Enemy Blog, but that’s just my humble opinion. Best of luck with the train strike. I’ve been following along via NPR (National Public Radio) and the BBC. Sounds like Sarkozy has his hands full.
Yours Truly,
The Enemy

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