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Oh well… October 19, 2007

Posted by gordonwatts in politics.

Oh well (from article):

He suggested that both the administration’s program of eavesdropping without warrants and its use of “enhanced” interrogation techniques for terrorism suspects, including waterboarding, might be acceptable under the Constitution even if they went beyond what the law technically allowed. Mr. Mukasey said the president’s authority as commander in chief might  allow him to supersede laws written by Congress.



1. Fred - October 19, 2007

Boy, oh boy. It didn’t take very long to shed his alien skin. It’s similar to observing 3D modeling programs render the chosen objects but in slow motion, as this took a complete day instead of an hour or so using a pc. What happened? Was he dragged into the woodshed behind the White House after his assertions from the day before? (Method used: I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt because there probably wasn’t enought time to use the tried and true slow water-drip-on-the-forehead routine, so we’ll go with the water boarding number.) To paraphrase that classic yarn: “And somewhere men are crying, and uninsured little children spout; But there is no shame in Mudville – frightening Mikey has slunk out.” Strange, but not too many people are really discussing this issue or seem interested outside of the obvious forums.

2. dorigo - October 24, 2007

Waterboarding is a very crude and cruel form of torture. The fact that there is a name for it, which people can use avoiding a description of the horrilble details, does not diminish its cruelty…


3. gordonwatts - October 24, 2007

Indeed. There was an editorial the other day that talked about his view of presedential power as absolute; that was scary. I don’t know what congress will do at this point; I don’t think there is enough support to kill the nomination.

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