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Cell Phone Ring Tones That Shouldn’t Be… October 12, 2007

Posted by gordonwatts in life.

The person in the office next to me has a very odd cell phone ring-tone. I finally figured it out today. It drives me a bit batty, because when I hear it I immediately want to get up and do something about it — it is one of those kinds of sounds. I’d never heard much of the ring because it was always answered quickly: I thought it was a cat howling or something like that.

Today the person was out of the office and their cell phone rang — it went on long enough for me to really identify it: it is a baby crying!



1. carlbrannen - October 14, 2007

My buddy’s African Gray parrot sometimes makes a sound that took me some time to figure out even though he is an excellent mimic. It’s very quiet. For a while I thought it was one of those sounds that birds just make when they’re being quiet and happy, like pigeons cooing.

Eventually I realized that it was the sound of a baby suckling. He makes it when somebody is being tender and gentle, typically with an animal, and sometimes when he is looking for someone to hold him.

He used to consider it a wonderful game to peck a hole in the dog when she brushed up against the cage. He gave the game away by making an imitation of a dog yelp as he marched down the cage to get to do the dog. Eventually the dog figured this out.

2. Gordon Watts - October 14, 2007

That is a great story!

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