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The Joke Marches On: Julia now a member of D0? October 10, 2007

Posted by gordonwatts in Conference, D0, physics life.

A long long time ago, when I was working for Dave Cutts, a Brown University professor as a post-doc, he lamented that he couldn’t make it out for a D0 collaboration meeting. These collaboration meetings are just shy of a week long and involve lots of meetings but also a chance to get together with your colleagues — they can be a lot of fun. That was back in the day when I was feeling rather full of myself, so I decided to do something about Dave missing the meeting.

The result was this collaboration picture. If you look near the bottom, near the front, you’ll see me (you might want to click on the hi-res link). I’m holding up a poster of Dave. See — Dave was there! Unfortunately for me, that turned into one of the more popular collaboration photos. It is on the title slide of many D0 talks, it is on a few posters… And there I am holding up a picture of Dave. A little embarrassing!

Blow up of AranNeedless to say, I’ve not done that again. And I just missed another collaboration meeting — this one was just last week. And there was a collaboration photo – which is pictured above. I mentioned to Aran that I was sad I’d missed it. So, Aran, my post-doc, had a little fun with me. If you look at the high-res version (which takes a while to load), you’ll find the below picture. It turns out that Aran wasn’t the only one having fun — check out the person several rows back.



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