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Damaged More Than My Ego October 10, 2007

Posted by gordonwatts in computers, life.

CIMG4529Walking out of the lab here in Marseille the other day I tripped. It was pretty embarrassing. Lots of people around. Further, when I tried to pull my foot under me to regain my balance, it got caught on one of those parking divider concrete things you see in large mall parking lots (yes, it was in the middle of the sidewalk). The result was I went sprawling. Knees and hands. Everyone around me asked if I was ok, but I was so stunned I answered in English instead of French.

Amazingly enough no skin was broken, and I didn’t even rip the knees on my jeans (which has happened before). However, after I got home I discovered that during the fall I’d split the seat of my pants wide open! Fortunately, I was sitting down most of the way on the bus and Metro…

But the really bad news came this morning when I opened up my portable to get work done. As you can see, the screen isn’t doing so well any longer. Over 2 years, and this thing has been through the wars – the outside is completely scratched up. I’m not sure how many times I’ve accidentally dropped it. And it has never even noticed. Indeed, even with this fractured screen coating, it is still quite usable (I just have to be careful when I write on the screen).

I guess it is time for a new portable. If only Lenovo would update their X61 with the high-resolution screen – as they have been saying since the beginning of the summer (hmmm. sounds like Free!).



1. Dmitry - October 11, 2007

Is it really possible to work with 1400×1050 on 12.1″ LCD? I had SXGA+ screen on 14″ and I have it now on 15″. 14″ was a bit uncomfortable and 15″ seems to be fine. 12 doesn’t sound safe for eyes

2. carlbrannen - October 11, 2007

That’s an impressive laptop survival story. I tend to drop digital cameras, generally while climbing around in places where people my age should avoid. I droped an Elph 6 feet onto concrete. The case popped open. A half dozen tiny tiny screws popped out and escaped to infinity. But I pushed it back together and it still worked.

3. gordonwatts - October 11, 2007

Dimitry, you might be right. I got the high resolution becasue PDF files look better in full screen when I’m in tablet mode (and marking them up with my pen!). In that case, Acrobat Reader and PDF Annotator both expand the font to match the full size display on the screen.

But when I use the tablet in normal mode, the text can be too small. Larger font sizes don’t do the job very well either.

And I tend to be in tablet mode only about 20 or 30% of the time I’m using it, and of that time, I probably am reading a document only about 40% of the time.

So, I might be optimizing on the wrong thing. Or perhaps I’m rationalizing. 😉

4. Chi - October 14, 2007

I spent a lot of time reading the thinkpads.com forum after my T42 graphics chip busted (like hundreds of others; what a disaster). I covet a tablet PC, but not an X61. If I were buying, I’d want a lifebook–good press and a company I know is up to the task.

5. Gordon Watts - October 14, 2007

Yes — I was looking into those. The problem was, initially, that I really wanted that high-res screen – Fujitsu doesn’t have it. But now that it is starting to look like I can’t wait for the x61, it puts them back on the table.

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