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Yes, Still Here October 2, 2007

Posted by gordonwatts in computers, life, Marseille.

Still no Internet. And Julia has joined in our frustration and pooped in the bathtub. Let me tell you, those internet guys were really afraid after that!

But, just to give you some insight into the Kafkaesque situation we are in, we had an argument with our provider the other day over the definition of three weeks:

Them: This stage takes between one and three weeks.
Us: It was three weeks yesterday!
Them: It can’t be three weeks or you’d have a working line!

Our conversations often start out with:

Us: Hi, our internet hasn’t been working for a month
Them: Can you please check that the black cable is plugged into the left most socket?
Us: Yes, it is <I swear you can’t hear the frustration in our voices>
Them: What does the display say?
Us: It is a slowly turning rectangle
Them: Hmmm, are you sure that cable is plugged in?
Us: Yes.
Them: Did you say a month!? Wow! Maybe I should check your file.
Us: <picture cartoon of person with thunderbolts and lightning shooting out of clouds above their head> Yes, that would be good.

BTW, we have to pay for these conversations at a rate of 0.35 euros/minute. Craziness!



1. Fred333 - December 7, 2007

I hope everything works out for you. That is pretty crazy.

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