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You Green? September 14, 2007

Posted by gordonwatts in life, science.

I went out with some friends last night — and one of them was bidding on a photo-shoot for an add for VW cars. At the very end of the bid process the agency running the ad called up and asked “We are worried the carbon footprint for the ad shoot. Is there any way you can not use an RV?” The ad, I think, was for the European market. All I can say is: wow! If small things like this are done all across the industry and in everything that it does (like making the ads) — well, that is exactly what we need.



1. CraigD - September 14, 2007

The problem here is, people “buy” offsets, which are sold by companies that are in no way regulated to do anythign to offset your footprint. Besides that, if you just didn’t fly your private jet all over the world talking about global warming, you would not need offsets, and the world would be a greener place.

2. Fred - September 17, 2007


The problem here is, you are using common sense to present a piece of a logical solution. lol. Most of us have created an aversion to such approaches. We have indoctrinated ourselves to expect an official stamp of approval before we engage in positive social action. However, there are financial, legal and logistical constraints that the larger enterprises have to take into account to accomplish ‘Green’ initiatives. The http://www.thegreengrid.org is one example of corporations moving forward at this very moment. Al Gore is an easy target but you’re correct, why we need to promote our agenda by physically being in the same venue or location to get our point across is beyond me in this day and age of technological advances. Yes, Gordon’s final sentiment is something that all of us should consider and formulate within each of our own industries and lives. It is a thought that needs to happen now.

3. gordonwatts - September 18, 2007

Right — I meant this as evidence that grass roots initiatives were a great way to go. And, of course, if you never burn the fuel, you never will need to buy an “offset”!!

As far as being face-to-face. You need to do it! I wish I didn’t have to fly to CERN all the time or to Fermilab, but for some things it remains the best way to get the work done. If we could change that…

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