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Daegu Makes an Impression August 20, 2007

Posted by gordonwatts in physics life, travel.

Kyung-juWe travel a lot as experimental high energy phycisits. Not only is there the travel to the experiment locations, like CERN and Fermilab, but there is travel to all the labs that build the bits of the experiment (which are scattered far and wide), and finally, of course, travel to conferences. And all these places have wireless. So everyone’s email keeps flowing just as if they had never left the office. And usually you can’t tell that the person is traveling either, other than they might cancel a meeting or two.

This past week, however, has been different. The big Lepton-Photon conference took place in Daegu, Korea. And every time I get an email from someone who is there it starts with a phrase like “hello from Daegu” or “hello from the Daegu train station”, etc. The town must have made quite an impression on people! I’m sorry I missed the conference!



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