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Glasgow Trip July 21, 2007

Posted by gordonwatts in physics life, travel.

CIMG3189I finally finished uploading my pictures from the Glasgow ATLAS Overview week trip. Including the one extra day I took to look around (mostly ended up sleeping, taking a train to Edenborough, and then a train back for a very good dinner with Hal).

I learned a lot at that meeting. This shouldn’t surprise me any more, but as usual only about 1/2 of what I learned was at the sessions themselves and the other half was over dinner. I didn’t learn as much as I thought during the coffee breaks: but that is because I was almost always last in line and thus spent almost the whole coffee break in line (20 minutes, and 400 people, and 2 lines. ;-)).

The setting was quite stunning. Glasgow university is a beautiful place. The conference was very well run. My only difficulty was the networking — which was awful. So many ports were blocked I couldn’t use VPN to get a good connection back to University of Washington. At the dorm room they had blocked the ports that my online music service uses to play music. 😦

One of the social programs was a short talk by a university professor whose hobby was… wait for it… scotch. And then a short tasting (graciously funded by the various manufacturers). I know some people have a huge passion for this stuff, but I just don’t get it. I can taste the differences, but… well… I didn’t purchase any to bring back with me — lets leave it at that.



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