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A Good Last Meal in Glasgow July 15, 2007

Posted by gordonwatts in travel.

I get on a plane to return to Marseille in a few hours. Last night Hal and I managed to get a seat at a place called Gandolfi Fish. When we stumbled on it walking around the night before, we knew it was crowded. But last night we found out it had been opened only 4 weeks and was one of the hotter places in town. The only reason we were able to get a table, I think, was we some how befriended the bar-tender who was also in charge of the reservation list (and sitting at the bar for 1.5 hours). After two bottles of a very good Sauvignon Blanc, Hal and I decided the lesson here was the same as in asking for money from the NSF: always better to do it in person than not. Someone that had made their reservation a week or so ago got bumped in favor of us because they were waiting at another bar down the street and couldn’t be contacted. I think they got in eventually, but it was after the kitchen started to run out of food. 🙂

At any rate, the Glasgow conference was good. I’ve got some pictures posted, but the network connection has been so awful I’ve not been able to organize them. I’ll do that tomorrow when I’ve got a decent net connection back in Marseille.



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