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Good Junk Food June 16, 2007

Posted by gordonwatts in physics life.

I was on owl shift last night. I felt pretty bad by the end of the shift. Because I drank a lot of Dr. Pepper and had some pretty bad-for-you chips. So… I’m in search of good junk food to snack on for 8 hours from midnight to 8am. Any suggestions?



1. Kea - June 17, 2007

Hmm, tricky problem. Honey coated nuts aren’t too bad for you. But avoid those ‘healthy’ plasticy fruit strips at all costs. Of course, several blocks of chocolate might work – not quite as much caffeine as DP and arguably good for your teeth.

2. Torbjörn Larsson, OM - June 17, 2007

This depends on the shift conditions (steady or casual et cetera): Shift is never good for your health.

When I make a casual shift once in a while I generally don’t eat much, since stomach and blood sugar is on the correct shift. So I tend to drink a lot of black coffee (real coffee of course, not the US watered down variety which for some reason gives stomach trouble), which every 3-4 hours and especially around 4-5 am (‘the wolf hour’) will be augmented with (sugared) cocoa, and a sandwich and/or a fruit.

If it is a regular shift I presume you eat regularly. A microwave oven will be sufficient to heat up prepared or bought meals, and most employers provide that. Otherwise it would be a small investment.

3. Aaron F. - June 17, 2007

I am personally unable to stop eating baby carrots dipped in hummus. I could probably go through a pound of each in eight hours. Ants on a log are also delicious, but probably not an ideal working snack: it would be a shame for D0 to grind to a halt because all the control room keyboards were gummed up with peanut butter. 🙂

4. Torbjörn Larsson, OM - June 17, 2007

it would be a shame for D0 to grind to a halt because all the control room keyboards were gummed up with peanut butter

Yes, that is definitely an issue. Actually, my sparse nighttime habits could possibly be traced back to spending much time early on in clean room environments. No snacks allowed around the work area, and no one else snacking while working, does tend to focus ones habits.

So what would be keyboard compatible snacks? Fruits and small subs??

5. gordonwatts - June 17, 2007

Ha! Thanks!!

Basically, I don’t think food and keyboards are compatible; I just have to keep them seperate. Worse is when small chips get wedged between your laptop’s keys. Then the p key doesn’t work any more. To get it working again you have to push on it hard — it does make this satisfying crunch sound as the chip vaporizes.

I’d never heard of ants-on-a-log before! Sadly, I don’t like peanut butter and I don’t like coffee. 😦

But the baby carrots and hummus sounds great! There is a grocery store right outside Fermi where I can get that stuff.

Torbjorn — these are all very casual shifts. Normally, there is nothing going on… Normally… 🙂

6. Aaron F. - June 17, 2007

Never heard of ants on a log??! Unbelievable! They’re really easy to make… you just fill a celery stick with peanut butter and then stick a row of raisins in the peanut butter.

Unfortunately, not liking peanut butter is something I’m afraid I can’t cure, although one restaurant in my area has a delicious peanut butter shake that you could try. 😉

7. gordonwatts - June 17, 2007


Actually, I like peanuts, and I have had fresh ground peanuts — which is basically peanut butter — so maybe I’m just a peanut butter snob?

8. Ryan M. - June 20, 2007

Terra chips and green tea with mint does it for me.

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