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Disk Space Is Cheap June 4, 2007

Posted by gordonwatts in life, travel.

I have a collection of DVD’s here at home — probably about 30 of them or so. I’m on sabbatical next year and so I’ll be in the South of France all year (whoo hoo!). I would like to take this DVD collection with me — but it is too bulky for a trip like this.

So my first idea was to rip the DVD’s, and then compress them into small files using some mpeg4-like algorithm. I don’t know how many of you have tried to do this before — but it is painful. There is no really easy set of programs that will automatically do this for you. You have to identify the proper streams inside the video, associate them with the audio, make sure there is no offset when you encode them, and then run the encoder. That last bit is usually a several hour operation — longer if you want a high quality version of your DVD.

But then I stumbled on this product. Half a terrabyte for 140 bucks!!! Heck, I could download a good chunk of the ATLAS AOD dataset on that thing and bring it home for analysis. Why even waste all my time trying to compress the movies when disk space is that cheap!? Just copy them onto that disk and bring them with me!

That is progress. 🙂



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