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Blue Screen of Death May 21, 2007

Posted by gordonwatts in life.

I am exhausted. I was probably blue. And I certainly felt like I was seeing that light at the end of the tunnel sometimes. But I stayed away!

When we take Julia out for dinner I always talk about a blast radius. Anything and everything within that radius will get destroyed. Thrown to the floor. Baby food will be dribbled on it. You name it, it will happen. Well, gentle reader, I’m happy to report that my blast radius is much much much larger than hers! It is good to be king.

It started last night. I was happily typing up emails and sorting out everything I needed to do before this morning. Suddenly I noticed my head hurt a little bit. Not much, just a little. The sort of hurt you can ignore and continue working. I did. Suddenly I noticed that it really hurt. I don’t get headaches often, but this was brewing up to be a real one. While rolling the feeling around in my head trying to judge how bad it was going to get, I noticed that my stomach was getting into the add. 10 minutes later there was no question, I stumbled into bed, and fell over. I didn’t even get undressed. And in about 20 minutes the first “blast” hit. Ick. Then, all of a sudden, it was as if I’d drunk unfiltered tap water in Mumbai (I did, accidentally. Not happy.).

I think around 2am I’d finally gone one hour without a trip to the bathroom. I had some ginger ale. By that time my body was quite dehydrated. I can’t tell you how good that tasted! I refused myself any more for about an hour to make sure my system was on the mend. But for that full hour all I did was dream about ginger ale. There is a marketing campaign in there somewhere.

I’d not been this sick in at least 10 years (cross fingers!).

It must have been something I ate. No idea what, as Paula and I were hanging out together all day Sunday. Perhaps blue cheese? The sandwich? At any rate, this morning I’m fine, but I’m so exhausted I can barely stay awake for an hour! I have a phone meeting in an hour… see you!



1. Qian - May 22, 2007

I don’t know that eating something bad will cause such a pain…best wishes.

2. dorigo - May 22, 2007

Hi Gordon,

what is this guy talking about ? I know everything about eating too much, eating bad things, drinking too much, mixing drinks. The outcome is always the same, a close conversation kneeled in front of a toilet. I think toilets believe we are really weird animals. They never get to see us at the best of our powers.


3. gordonwatts - May 22, 2007

Holy…. πŸ™‚

4. Aaron F. - May 23, 2007

Well apparently it’s Penicillium sp. that makes blue cheese blue, so if anything that should’ve helped kill off whatever you had… πŸ˜‰

5. dorigo - May 28, 2007

On a totally different matter, Godon: please leak something about the new evidence for weird bbbar production found by D0. Is it true it is a 5-sigma effect ? Is it at 180 GeV ? How about its width ?
Let us know!

6. Henry - May 31, 2007

Hey Dr. Watts,
I think you should take a look at this club:

Cheers! =D

7. gordonwatts - May 31, 2007

Thanks. I’m already a member.


Just so long ago they don’t have a modern picture of me… πŸ™‚

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