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Not Qualified May 4, 2007

Posted by gordonwatts in politics.

This is from an article in the New York Times describing the Republican presidential primary debase:

There were revealing moments that went past the well-rehearsed lines by all the candidates. Three of the candidates — Mr. Huckabee, Senator Sam Brownback of Kansas and Representative Tom Tancredo of Colorado — raised their hands to signal that they did not believe in evolution.

These three are not qualified to lead the United States. I hope they will be quickly defeated in the primaries.

Running this country — or almost any country — requires the leader to have a basic understanding of science and “how things work.” Statements like this show an utter lack of basic understanding in the world that we live in today. We already know that things are not run well when our leader is disconnected from reality. Get rid of them now.



1. Kristen - May 8, 2007

I would just die if Brownback got elected. And people from Kansas would usually vote for a block of cheese if it were from Kansas, so that’s saying something. Besides his advocacy for action in Darfur, he’s just awful.

I do have to give Tancredo points for hilarity. When AP did their “let’s ask candidates silly questions” story, apparently he answered “what’s your dream job” with “president” and “what would you take to a desert island” with “a boat.”

2. gordonwatts - May 8, 2007

I love the “boad” answer! That is great!

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