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Julia: 1, MiniBooNE: 0 April 11, 2007

Posted by gordonwatts in physics, physics life.

What were you doing at 9am Pacific time this morning? My original plan was to watch the live video feed of the MiniBooNE result!

First of all, congratulations to MiniBooNE. That was a lot of work! There are several open questions in the neutrino sector, however most of them are questions that no one has been able to answer up to now. But there has been one nagging problem: the LSND result. It made no sense in the context of results from other experiments. As more and more evidence gathered it became clear that the community had to recheck the LSND result. MiniBooNE was designed to do this. And this morning they released their result. All is right with the world: MiniBooNE contradicts LSND. We’ll probably never know exactly what went wrong with LSND, but at least now we can all drop the caveat from our talks (“as long as LSND is incorrect).

My friends all tell me the talk was rather dramatic. Apparently, towards the end, a blow-by-blow account was delivered as the experiment, internally, unveiled the result. Exciting talk, is what my friends have told me so far. Julia, however, decided to have her own kind of excitement! Paula is away, and I think she misses her mom. Woke up every 2 hours last night and demanded food almost every time (it has been months since she has done that). This morning she refused to get up and I wasn’t to insistent as I was sooo tired!

Ah well. Perhaps the video will be archived and I can download and watch it.



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